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We provide turn-key solutions, specialized jack-up services, dedicated manpower, practical know-how and documented offshore wind expertise combined with a can do will do attitude.

Offshore Wind  |  WTGs rescued: 81
It's a good challenge –  helping the world one turbine at a time.

Anders Nielsen, Project Manager

Years at sea: 47  |  Vessel: J/U WIND
My crew and ship are ready, willing, and able when you need us.

Gullbrandur Olsen, Captain

Plan your O&M future with us.

Armed with practical know-how and insightful expertise gained from successful service of more than 500 wind turbines in 23 different offshore wind farms, we can help you plan your future O&M strategy.

Strong financial backing and a track record you can depend on!


years in business

Providing offshore services
above and below the sea

wind farms

From the Baltic Sea
to the Irish Sea.
Deep to shallow - any seabed

WTGs serviced

Turbines, blades, gear boxes, generators
transformers, shafts, bearings


ZITON provides specially designed vessels that bring flexibility and efficiency to replacing major components on offshore wind turbines.

With the average offshore wind turbine size predicted to reach 6 MW by 2020,  vessels need to be designed for an even more demanding future.
All of our experience and know-how gained from service and major component replacements on more than 400 wind turbines has influenced the design and manufacture of these vessels.

The combination of these vessels and our insight gives us unparalleled flexibility to offer our customers the most efficient process.
We have the industry’s first self-propelled, heavy-lift barge with a permanently mounted, telescopic crane capable of working at a height of 100 metres – J/U WIND.

Furthermore, we have two more purpose-built jack-up vessels – J/U WIND SERVER and J/U WIND PIONEER –  capable of servicing even larger turbines in deeper waters, higher winds and on a variety of seabeds.
Jack-up vessels
Made for offshore wind O&M
Effective and early planning of operations and maintenance processes can help reduce lost power production by up to 60 per cent

Our O&M professionals bring thousands of hours of practical experience in all aspects of O&M, from crew transfer to component replacement to health and safety measures.
We also manage Provision of Appointed Persons, seafastening design and MWS approvals.

Not a blade is left unturned when you plan your O&M future with us.
Ask us to help you save time and money in planning your O&M strategy and processes. In addition to long-term strategic planning, we can help with:
•  site-specific assessments
•  leg penetration analyses
•  maritime project management
•  lift planning and supervision
O&M planning
Plan your O&M future with us
For offshore wind decommissioning operations, we offer tailor-made solutions for removal of met masts, wind turbines and foundations. 
All operations are executed with a high focus on safety, cost efficiency and as little environmental impact as possible.
ZITON also offers offshore installation support services such as commissioning of turbines and offshore substations.

Using jack-up vessels for installation support has a number of advantages including: access to cranes, a stable platform, highest safety and comfort of living quarters, swift repositioning by use of vessel’s DP system, large deck space for storage, workshop and stores facilities below deck.
Combined with the experience and skills of the ZITON organisation, our purpose-built vessels offer a clear edge to the available alternatives.

Our team handles the whole process from planning of the safest and most sustainable decommissioning method to recycling of the removed components.
Expanding our business into decommissioning and installation support services
We are serious about ensuring offshore wind is a truly viable option for delivering to the world’s energy needs.

Massive investments have already been made in offshore wind infrastructure, and effective operations and maintenance of this infrastructure is critical in ensuring the industry delivers on its promise.
Through the work we do and the services we provide to the industry, we are intent on helping the industry reduce the costs of energy production by maximising operating time.
But there is work to be done. The cost of energy from offshore wind needs to be reduced by 40 per cent by 2020 from 2014 levels. Innovative and long-term strategic change and investment is required
Our strategic purpose
We believe in the future of offshore wind energy

Find out how we can help improve your O&M



Reducing the cost of energy from offshore wind is our driving force. We are vigilant in understanding what brings value to our customers and how they can gain more from their investments.

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Not only are we investing in the people and the equipment to meet the needs of the market today and tomorrow, but we are also investing in sharing knowledge and experiences throughout the industry.

But we can’t solve all the industry’s challenges alone. It will take cooperation throughout the supply chain if the industry is to live up to its potential of delivering sustainable, cost-effective energy.

Find out more at www.offshorewindom.com

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J/U WIND is the industry’s first self-propelled, heavy-lift barge with a permanently mounted, large-scale, telescopic crane capable of working at a height of 100 metres. With a length of 55 m and breadth of 18 m, she can operate at a maximum depth of 35 m.
J/U WIND PIONEER is a 50 x 28 m jack-up barge,
capable of lifting up to 232 tonnes and designed to operate in depths of up to 35 m.
J/U WIND SERVER is our newbuild jack-up barge. At 80 m in length and 32 m in breadth, she is capable of lifting 400 tonnes and operating in depths of up to 45 m. She is equipped with a DP2 propulsion system.


We are here to help our customers achieve their energy production goals. Although we demand a lot of ourselves and our equipment, we do not compromise on the safety of our people or our customers at sea. Safety thinking needs to be applied to every situation offshore.

Every day, in our planning onshore and work at sea, we strive to provide optimal conditions for a safe work environment.

ZITON’s leadership is building a culture based on a shared vision of a safe work environment in the offshore wind industry. Creating a safety culture requires constant attention, especially when conditions can present unexpected challenges.

Safety culture
Our way of working gives you peace of mind



We have defined policies for safety and occupational health, quality, environmental protection and pollution prevention and our procedures ensure that we comply with our policies, legal requirements and our customers’ requirements.

Our management system is certified towards the ISM 2014 Code, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2008 and audited annually by Bureau Veritas.

We constantly strive to improve the offerings to our stakeholders to improve safety, environmental protection and production efficiency.

Management systems
Our systems document our capabilities
Read about our work at SCROBY SANDS and GREATER GABBARD
Find out how we exchanged three gearboxes at the Scroby Sands wind farm as E.ON launched its new maintenance strategy.
Read about how ZITON removed meteorological masts for SSE Renewables - cost effectively and on time.


ZITON is a specialised operations and maintenance service provider to offshore wind farm owners and turbine manufacturers.

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Our jack-up vessels provide cost-efficient and flexible solutions for exchanging major components on offshore wind turbines. And we provide strategic planning services to help reduce the costs of operating offshore wind farms.

With a solid track record gained from service and major component replacements on more than 475 wind turbines in 23 different offshore wind farms, ZITON is in a strong position to contribute to the continued development of the offshore wind industry.

ZITON was first established in 2008 from its base in Aarhus, Denmark. Previously called DBB Jack-Up, the company changed its name in June 2016 to ZITON.



The right kind of employer

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At ZITON, our goal is to help wind farm owners across northern Europe operate their offshore wind farms safely and efficiently. Just as we are determined, ambitious and passionate about contributing to the future of renewable energy, we are honest and helpful in the way we deal with our customers. If we can do it, we will do it..

From time to time, we are looking for talented and ambitious individuals who can contribute to the success of our company and to the continuing development of offshore wind energy.

Interested in working on one of our offshore jack-up vessels? Please send your application to jobs@ziton.eu.

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"Thank you, your team and the ‘family’ on board the vessel WIND for a fantastic job assisting with the three gearbox exchanges. This was a great experience for the site and ZITON contributed massively to this."

Keith Cooke, Operations Manager, Scroby Sands Wind Farm

"I would like to send a special thank you to the team at ZITON. It has truly been a pleasure. We succeeded in completing the task as quickly as physically possible."

Michael Bay Christensen, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

“I’ve been extremely impressed in the way ZITON has responded to emergent requests and particularly how they contributed to the Marine Logistics meeting. ZITON is very ambitious, successfully collaborating with Siemens on a sustainable basis and not just for the immediate benefit of a charter fee."

Daniel Shore, Assistant Project Manager, Siemens Service Wind Power